Will Shoot People for Food x Protezione Civile Agosto '89

In this time of great hardship, the volunteers from “Agosto ’89″‘s Protezione Civile association have stood bravely to the challenge in order to keep aiding the members of the Arzachena community who need it most.

The volunteers have taken care of distributing provisions and other essentials gathered through the Support Shopping initiative, PPE (face masks, gloves, sanitizers…), medicines, in addition to their role in providing ambulance and first aid emergency response (118) in convention with AREUS, firefighting, and sea rescue.

"A warm 'thank you' to our fellow citizens' great generosity, who came forward for the community with their donations for the Supportive Shopping, and the teams of volunteers from "Agosto '89" who courageously took on the distribution of essentials to the population."

Alessandro Careddu
Delegate councillor for the Protezione Civile

In support of our fellow citizens’ efforts, Will Shoot People for Food™ is setting up a charity fundraiser through the sale of their photographic works, with all the profits entirely donated to “Agosto ’89”.

Inspired by similar projects, like Tre Fotografi per Bassano and “STOP: Italian photography stays at home“, the initiative puts the prints of some works by Gabriele Correddu, a photographer from Arzachena who’s long been active internationally, up for sale.

The prints will be made to order in limited numbers, and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, attesting its origin and serial number. Printing will be handled by élite printers at theprintspace.

The prints will be 42 cm x 30 cm (14.2 in x 9.5 in), on Hahnemühle Pearl paper.

Free worldwide shipping.

"In everyday life, we're always available for those who need our help. Let's join forces. Help us help others."

Salvatore Locci - Volontari Agosto 89
Salvatore Locci
President of "Agosto '89"

Who am I

My name’s Gabriele Correddu – born in Alghero in 1993 from algherese parents, raised in Arzachena from birth. I’ve been into photography since 2011, professionally since 2013.

In 2013 I moved to London to work with Nikon UK, with whom I’ve worked for two and a half years; since then I’ve been working in Fashion in Paris and Taipei, also visiting (in no particular order) the USA, Germany, Spain, Georgia, Armenia, Japan, and Sweden.

As of now I’m with my family in Arzachena, and have decided to initiate this project after witnessing yet again the incredible help Agosto ’89 has been giving to all the population of Arzachena and beyond.

What is AGOSTO ’89

Volunteer association “Agosto ’89” came to be in 1995, thus named in memory of the 18 people who have perished following the disastrous wildfires o August 1st and 28th, 1989.

Along the years, the area of intervention moved from firefighting to also include special ops sectors like sea rescue, and first aid emergency services (118) in convention with AREUS.

At present, there are 80 volunteer associates, mainly active on the territory of Arzachena – but the range of operation has extended, time and again, to a National scale to face calamities such as the earthquakes of Umbria and Marche in 1997, and L’Aquila in 2009.

“Agosto ’89” is registered in the Albo Regionale with n° 912 of the General Registry of Volunteering of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.


Header graphics by Alberto “Alfakappa” Scano

A sincere thank you to Federico Muzzo for his tech support and advice in setting this website up

And to Monia Merlo, for inspiring me to take action